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Concrete Supplies from Hamilton Builders Supply

Concrete Specialties - Epoxy

Our available concrete epoxies

The AnchorFix products at Hamilton Builders’s Supply Inc. are available either as epoxy resins for superior holding capacity or as acrylic resins having extremely fast cure times and the ability to use in sub-zero conditions. Sika's side-by-side cartridge and single cartridge style that fits in a standard caulking gun, are convenient, easy to use, and eliminate the need to pre-mix the components prior to use.

Sika AnchorFix 1 Sika AnchorFix 1 Solvent and styrene free methacrylate based two part polyester anchoring adhesive.
Sika AnchorFix 2CA Sika AnchorFix 2CA Two-component, solvent-free, cold weather, epoxy acrylate hybrid anchoring gel 150 mL, 275 mL and 825 mL cartridge.
Sika AnchorFix 3CA/ Sika AnchorFix 4CA Sika AnchorFix 3CA/ Sika AnchorFix 4CA Two-component, solvent-free, general purpose, non-sag, injectable anchoring gels, 600 mL cartridge.
Sikadur 31 Hi-Mod Gel Sikadur 31 Hi-Mod Gel Two-component, solvent-free, high modulus, high strength, structural, epoxy paste adhesive.
Sikadur 32 Hi-Mod Sikadur 32 Hi-Mod Two-component, solvent-free, high modulus, high strength, epoxy-bonding adhesive.
Sikadur 35 Hi-Mod LV Sikadur 35 Hi-Mod LV Two-component, high-modulus, low-viscosity, high-strength, epoxy grouting/sealing/binding adhesive.
Sikadur 52 Sikadur 52 Two-component, solvent-free-super-low viscosity injection resin 450 mL and 9 L units.
SikaFix PU SikaFix PU Two-component, flexible, polyurethane grout 22,5 L unit and 250 mL, 600 mL cartridge.
REZI-WELD (IP) Injection Pre-Pak REZI-WELD (IP) Injection Pre-Pak is an amber-colored, two-component, low-viscosity, rapid setting, penetrating epoxy compound. REZI-WELD (IP) is easy-to-use and offers high-modulus and high-strength characteristics. It effectively bonds cured concrete or metal to concrete. REZI-WELD (IP) is resistant to most chemicals and moisture insensitive.
REZI-WELD (IP) REZI-WELD (IP) Injection Pre-Pak is designed to be either gravity fed or pressure injected into concrete cracks for restoration of bridges, buildings, highways or any concrete construction requiring repair.
REZI-WELD 1000 REZI-WELD 1000 is a medium viscosity, two-component, construction-grade structural epoxy adhesive. It is moisture insensitive and resistant to many chemicals. High modulus, high strength REZI-WELD 1000 is color coded to assure proper mixing, and is self-leveling and easy to apply.
REZI-WELD LV Low Viscosity Injection Epoxy REZI-WELD LV Low Viscosity Injection Epoxy is moisture insensitive, very low viscosity, high modulus, and high strength structural injection resin. The unitized packaging eliminates mishandling and mismatching of the components on the jobsite.
REZI-WELD GEL PASTE STATE REZI-WELD GEL PASTE STATE is an easy-to-mix, easy-to-apply paste, ideal for filling cracks, anchoring, doweling, making small patches and general repairs in horizontal, vertical and overhead concrete surfaces. It is also suitable for surface sealing prior to pressure injection.
REZI-WELD GEL PASTE STATE REZI-WELD GEL PASTE STATE is a high viscosity, rapid-setting, thixotropic, structural, epoxy-based, chemical anhoring/bonding adhesive and injection resin. It is a two-component, moisture insensitive construction epoxy, which can be troweled, brushed, injected or pumped.
REZI-WELD LV REZI-WELD LV is designed for gravity feeding or pressure injecting using two-component metering systems, hand-held bulk guns or pressure pots. It is suitable for injecting fine, non-moving structural cracks for long-term repairs. When mixed with sand or aggregates REZI-WELD LV make an economical, easy-to-use epoxy mortar for patching or repairing defects in concrete substrates, securing machinery base plates to concrete floors, interior non-skid pathways and structural bonding applications