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Concrete Supplies from Hamilton Builders Supply

Concrete Specialties - Repair Products

Concrete Specialty Repair Products

Meadow-Crete FNP Meadow-Crete FNP-
One Component, Flowable, Form & Pour, Structural Repair Mortar. Ideal for repairs to Beams, Columns, and Balcony Edges. Shrinkage-Compensated, Corrosion Inhibitor Enhanced.
Futura-15 Futura-15
Very-Rapid Hardening Horizontal Repair Mortar. One Component, Shrinkage Compensated Structural Repair. Ideal for bridges, Parking Decks, Airport Runways, Sidewalks, Commercial Flooring.
Meadow-Crete H Meadow-Crete H
Glass Fibre Reinforced Patching Compound For Horizontal Applications. Polymer Modified and Silica Fume Enhanced. MTO, MTQ, Agri-Food Canada approved.
Meadow-Crete OV Meadow-Crete OV
Glass Fibre Reinforced Patching Compound For Vertical and Overhead Applications. Polymer Modified and Silica Fume Enhanced. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Approved.
SikaTop 111 Plus SikaTop 111 Plus
Two-component, polymer-modified, Cementitious Screed Mortar, with Corrosion Inhibitor. Ideal for Bridges, Dams, Tunnels, Parking Structures, walkways, Industrial Plants, Ramps.
SikaTop 121 Plus SikaTop 121 Plus
Two-component, polymer-modified, Cementitious Trowel or Rub Applied Mortar With Corrosion Inhibitor. Fast Setting. For Thin coat repairs, bugholes, honeycombing, And Feather-Edging.
SikaTop 122 Plus SikaTop 122 Plus
Two-component, polymer-modified, Cementitious Trowel-Grade Mortar with Corrosion Inhibitor. Fast Setting. For Horizontal/Vertical Surfaces. Used to level Concrete Surfaces. 1/8” to 1-1/2” neat.
SikaTop 123 Plus SikaTop 123 Plus
Two-component, polymer-modified, Cementitious Torwel-Grade Mortar with Corrosion Inhibitor. Fast Setting. For Overhead/Vertical Surfaces. Non-Sag, 1/8” to 1-1/2” thickness per lift.
Planitop X Planitop X
Fast-Setting Horizontal/Vertical/Overhead Repair mortar. Polymer-modified, with Corrosion Inhibitor. Can be applied from Feather-edge to 4” per lift. Dries light gray, to match existing concrete surfaces.
Quickpatch Quickpatch
Fast-Setting Horizontal Patching product. Can be applied from Feather-edge to 3”. Variable water ratio for great workability. For Floors, Driveways, Sidewalks, Concrete Pads. Dries light gray.
Concrete Renew Concrete Renew
Polymer-modified material for resurfacing Existing concrete. Used for Broom, and Decorative trowel finishes on Sidewalks, Driveways, Steps, and Porches. Provides a New concrete look to existing surfaces.
MG-Krete MG-Krete
Two-Component, High Early Strength, Horizontal/Vertical Repair material used For patching, from shallow feathering to Deep Pours. Stronger than concrete in 45 Minutes.