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Concrete Supplies from Hamilton Builders Supply

Concrete Specialties - Sealers

Concrete is vulnerable to many environmental factors. Concrete is porous and with porous surfaces, moisture, stains, molds, and other environmental hazards can seep in, wrecking havoc on your beautiful concrete surfaces.

When water is allowed to saturate your concrete it causes the rebar or wire mesh to rust and in turn weakens the concrete. Water also activates alkali disintegration. During the curing process of concrete, the alkali in the concrete becomes dormant. As water seeps into the concrete the alkali begins to react again with the concrete around it. This destroys the concrete from within. Water also causes mold, mildew and algae to grow. The moisture must be stopped to stop the damage.

To protect your concrete, come to Hamilton Builders’ Supply Inc. to find out which sealer you need to protect your concrete project. Concrete sealers protect concrete from deterioration brought about by road salt, stains, oil, moisture, and molds. It also provides a layer of protection that allows for easier sweeping and cleaning.

At Hamilton Builders’ Supply Inc. our sealers range from low solids content and economical pricing to maximum solids content for maximum protection to specialized Siloxane and Silane penetrating sealers.

Curing and Sealing Compounds

  • CS-309TM-25
  • CS-309-25 OTC
  • CS-309-30
  • CS-309-OTC
  • SEAL CURE 309-25
  • SEAL CURE 309-30
  • VOCOMP®-20
  • VOCOMP-25
  • VOCOMP-30

Sealing Compounds

  • HIAC
Curing and Sealing Compounds

Sika Sealing Compounds

Florseal Florseal
Chlorinated rubber-based curing and sealing compound. 20 L pail
Florseal WB Florseal WB
Acrylic emulsion, curing and sealing compound 20 L pail and 200 L drum
Sikagard Clear/Seal 2 Sikagard Clear/Seal 2
One-component, clear sealing compound 20 L pail
Sikagard Color A50 Sikagard Color A50
One-component, pigmented acrylic sealer 3.78 L and 20 L unit.
Sikagard SN40 Sikagard SN40
Silane sealer 20 L pail and 205 L drum
Sikagard SN100 Sikagard SN100
Silane Sealer 20 L unit
Sikagard SX10 Sikagard SX10
Siloxane sealer 20 L pail