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Erth Coverings at Hamilton Builders Supply
Pave Mat Interlocking Pave Mat

Our Interlocking Pave Mat (ILPM) series embodies our corporate mantra of easy installation. The stones are applied onto a web base, which enables the installer to easily create a distinctive design while ensuring grout lines remain even.

All of our ILPM stones are gauged at a thickness of 5/8'' to ensure a consistent installation. With three colours to choose from, and the versatility of interior or exterior wall and floor applications, we here at ErthCOVERINGS are confident that you and your design team will find our ILPM series suitable for a multitude of design applications.

Available Colours:
Outback Brown Springwood Black Sydney Yellow
Outback Brown ILPM-24 Springwood Black ILPM-18 Sydney Yellow ILPM-14
Stone Type Finish Format Uses Thickness Weight
Slate Natural Cleft Interlocking Mat Interior &
" 7 lbs/sq.ft
Flats Corners
Box Crate Box Crate
n/a 107.5 sq.ft. n/a n/a
All ErthCoverings material are special order.
A 25% restocking charge will be applied to returned material.
All returns must be full boxes.