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Firewood at Hamilton Builders' Supply

Hamilton Builders' Supply Inc. carries a mix of slow and fast burning hardwoods, our firewood is ideal for indoor fireplaces, outdoor pizza ovens or campfires. All of our firewood is centre cut, meaning its cut from the trunk of the tree and not the limbs or branches. All pieces are 12", quarter cuts.

Firewood Cord

Face Cord (4' x 8' x 12")

Conveniently stacked in our pre-measured racks, Face Cords can be picked-up or delivered (with applicable delivery charges) to your home.

Firewood Trunkload

Trunkload (2' x 3' x 12")

Great for an overnight camping trip or a night you want to use your fireplace, a Trunkload of Firewood is a handy quantity. Trunkloads are pre-stacked and ready for pick-up.


Kindle Sticks

Kindle Sticks

Our kindle sticks are cut to the perfect diameter and length for fire starting.

Available in:
21 cu.dm.