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HG Premium Surface Care Products offer convenient solutions for every surface in your home including stainless steel, glass/ceramic smooth top & cook top ranges, granite, leather, floors, wood, jewellery, glass, silver and many more.......

Colour Enhancer
ST Colour Enhancing (penetrating) Sealer

ST Colour Enhancing Sealer is a protective penetrating sealer that enhances the colour and appearance of porous natural stones, without adding gloss and without making the surface slippery. Suitable for interior and exterior use, as it allows the surface to breath naturally. The effect of Color Enhancer comes out better as the colour of the stone is darker.

LONGLASTING result. NO silicones.

Application: Porous natural stones, such as slate, Flagstones, Limestone, Travertine, Tumbled Marble. etc.

Directions: The surface to be treated should be dry, clean and free from dust. Before applying the product, ensure all of the above.

Apply the product in a thin layer by using a paintbrush or roller.

Allow to dry fro 8 to 15 minutes before removing residue. (If necessary apply a second coat.) To achieve a slight gloss, buff with synthetic white pad.

Do NOT use on sealed, glazed, polished or non-absorptive surfaces. Allow good ventilation.

Apply only as much sealer as the surface can absorb. If over applied, remove with lint free cloth or old towel, or use squeegee to move overdose to untreated parts of the surface.

Available In:

Marble & Stone Shine Finish
Marble and Stone Shine Finish

Marble and Stone Shine Finish is a water-based, metal-linked, acrylic polymer protective polish topcoat, for interior use only.

Excellent extra protection overtop penetrating sealers, that adds topical gloss, enhances colour and prevents staining. Self-shining and anti-slip.

Application: Suitable on all and any calcareous natural stone that requires extra gloss, like dullish marbles, travertines, limestone and terrazzo. Do NOT apply on granite, nor on any other surfaces in outdoor applications.

Directions: Ensure that surfaces are clean, dry and free from dirt and dust.

Do NOT stir or shake bottle to avoid foaming. Apply thinly with wax applicator or lint free cloth. Allow to dry for 45 min. before applying a second coat at right angles.

Wear areas and tracks may be treated separately when necessary, without stripping, but ensuring that surface is clean. After 10 to 12 applications we suggest to strip surface with HG Marble & Stone Stripper, and start procedure over.

To achieve higher gloss, each layer applied may be buffed with white pad and high speed buffer.

Regular maintenance with HG Marble Wash & Shine.

Available In:

Wax/Polish Applicator
ST Colour Enhancing (penetrating) Sealer

10" synthetic lambs wool applicator to apply waxes and polishes in thin and even layers.

Application: suitable for Satin Gloss Polish, Marble & Stone Shine Finish, Laminate Gloss Coating, Hardwood Polish, etc.

Directions: Apply liquid wax or polish over the surface to be treated, and subsequently use applicator to apply in thin straight coats over the surface. Allow drying as per label directions before applying a second if required, at right angles from first coat. When done, make a dilution of water and wax/polish stripper/ remover to clean applicator.

Floor Scrubber Brush
Floor Scrubber Brush

Synthetic bristles for safe scrubbing, and a squeegee to remove the loosened quickly and effectively.

Application: Great for thorough cleaning on most floor surfaces, but also very effective in removing polishes and waxes as well as removal of cement and grout residues, in combination with suitable HG cleaner/stripper.

Directions: For easier working, apply the available 48" extention pole to the brush.

Dilute the selected HG cleaner or stripper as directed. Scrub, rinse and use squeegee to wipe loosened dirt and water from the surface.