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Masonry Supplies from Hamilton Builders Supply

Masonry - Accessories

Block Wire Reinforcing


Hamilton Builders Supply Inc. carries the full line of Blok-Lok® wire reinforcing in Standard 9 gauge wire, Heavy Duty or Extra Heavy Duty and your choice of mill galvanized or hot dipped.

Henry Company

Henry Company

Hamilton Builders’ Supply Inc. carries the Henry Company (formerly Bakor) line of Air Vapour Barrier Membranes and Flashings. These products come in spray applied, trowel applied, self-adhered membranes or torch grade

Precast Concrete Products

Precast Concrete Products

Come and see HBS Inc. for a wide selection of precast concrete window sills, post caps, wall coping, signs and lintels for architectural purposes.

If your project calls for custom architectural precast concrete, please feel free to send us your custom precast concrete requirements. We would be happy to have the opportunity to quote on your next project.

Enhance Masonry Products

Enhance Masonry Projects with Mortar Colors.

Mortar color has a dramatic affect on the outcome of masonry projects. Mortar color makes up approximately 20% of a wall surface, so selecting the right mortar color is critical. Hamilton Builders’ Supply offers a wide spectrum of easy-to-use, vibrant, premium quality mortar colors made from iron oxide pigments to enhance brick, block and stone.

Joint Sealants Joint Sealants are used to finish and seal joints in masonry construction to prevent water from seeping in and prevent mould and mildew from growing inside your home. Visit our Sealants page for more information or visit one of our 5 locations and speak with one our customer service staff.
Glass Block

Glass Block

Glass block construction creates unique environments by transmitting, refracting or reflecting light as the needs of the client dictate, providing privacy and security while allowing up to 80% warm radiant light transmission.

Make a statement, and give form and function to your personal design visions, the answer is crystal clear - choose Glass Block from Hamilton Builders’ Supply Inc.

Available Glass Block Patterns