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Seasonal Supplies from Hamilton Builders Supply
Winter Salt Service

Hamilton Builders Supply Inc. carries a variety of Bulk Ice Melters. They are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


Thawrox® is a premium treated salt that gives you better performance and makes your deicing resources go the extra mile.

Thawrox® provides many advantages to those who are tasked with keeping roads safe during tough winter conditions, including:

  • Enhanced low-temperature performance, -26°C
  • Expanded melting capacity
  • More friendly to the environment
  • No stockpile clumping and free-flowing product in the most challenging weather conditions
  • Reduced corrosiveness on equipment
  • Reduced leaching
  • Minimized bounce, scatter and blow-off
  • Providing a pre-treated product that requires no mixing
Available In:
Bulk Loads

Rock Salt

Rock salt is the most cost-effective product available for removing snow and ice. It’s easy to use, store and apply, and its effectiveness at keeping parking lots and sidewalks clear makes it the cornerstone in most snow removal programs. It can be used alone or with an additive, depending upon weather conditions.

Available In:
Bulk Loads

Salt & Sand Blend
Salt & Sand Blend

This 10:1 blend is best used on icy/slippery surfaces. Salt & Sand provides an ice melter as well as adding grip for walking and/or driving.

Available In:
Bags (approximately 50lbs)
Bulk (Cubic Yard)

Caliber M-100
Caliber M-1000 (Liquid Ice Melter)

This blend of Caliber® de-icer with 30% MgCl2. Caliber® de-icer is derived from corn carbohydrates and is specifically engineered to enhance the eutectic point, anti-icing properties and viscosity of the MgCl2. Caliber® de-icer inhibits corrosion and suppresses crystal formation within the MgCl2. While Caliber® de-icer increases the friction coefficient of the MgCl2 it also aids in the prevention of the “slickness” period sometimes experienced when using common chloride brines. Caliber® M1000 provides a variety of applications (anti-icing, de-icing and pre-wetting) in one environmentally friendly, cost effective product.

Available In:
Bulk (Sold by the Litre)