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Marshalltown Concrete Tools
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Hamilton Builders Supply Inc. (HBS) offers a extensive line of quality Marshalltown Concrete Finishing Tools. A quality job starts with quality tools and HBS is proud to supply quality tools from Marshalltown.

Finishing Trowels
Concrete finishing trowels are used in finishing the surface of the concrete to the required smoothness. Troweling represents the last stage in the finishing process. This action helps compact the surface and adds to the quality and durability of the job. Finishing trowels are narrower and longer than plastering trowels and the blade is slightly convex. The standard width is 4" but the length may range from 12" to 20". The most popular sizes are 14" x 4" and 16" x 4" inches. Many finishers also use a fanning pattern for the final finishing which usually requires a narrower blade that is 3 to 3-1/2 inches wide.

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Corner Trowels
Corner trowels are used to form inside and outside corners. The most popular radii are square and 1/2". Can be sold to plasterers and concrete finishers, with the latter providing most of the market.
Concrete Edgers
Edgers are used to produce a radius at the edge of a concrete slab. This helps prevent the edge from chipping off. There are many sizes, with various radii and ends that are either curved, straight or one of each. A popular size is 6" x 3" with curved ends with a 3/8" radius. Many large edgers are designed so that a 5' or 6' handle can be attached to create a walking edger.
Concrete Groovers
Groovers are used to cut a joint in concrete before it sets. These joints help to control cracking. This tool is about 6" long and ranges from 2" to 4-1/2" in width. The cutting edge (or groove) runs from 3/16" to 1" or more in depth. Since the control groove should be 1/4 the thickness of the slab a 1" groover is popular. Like the edger, many larger groovers can be fitted with a handle to create a walking groover.

Floats are made of aluminum, magnesium, wood, cork and rubber. The most popular with concrete finishers are wood and magnesium. Magnesium floats are recommended for use with air-entrained concrete. Floats assist the user in preparing the surface for troweling, or if a float (rough) finish is desired, floating is the final operation.

Bull floats are used by concrete finishers to float large areas of concrete. The most popular sizes are between 42" and 48" in length and are 8" in width. Handle sections, either 5 or 6 feet in length, can be joined together so that a finisher can float a slab well out of reach. Bull floats are made of aluminum, magnesium or laminated poplar. Magnesium bull floats are the most popular with finishers.