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Tools & Supplies - Drywall Tools

MarshalllTown Drywall Tools
Drywall Trowels Plastering Trowels Drywall Hawk Drywall Corner Trowels Drywall Floats Drywall Sanders Drywall Taping KNives
Hawks Corner
Floats Sanders Taping Knives

Drywall Trowels
Drywall trowels have a slight concave bow in the blade which helps the user feather the mud and make perfect drywall joints. The tempered, flexible steel blade is securely attached to a lightweight aluminum mounting. A smoothly turned basswood handle ensures a comfortable feel. MARSHALLTOWN'S "Diamond Shank" design keeps the handle from twisting. There are several sizes available, however, the most popular size is 11" x 4-1/2".
Plastering Trowels
Available with a high carbon, blue, stainless, or golden stainless steel blade, a plastering trowel carries the plaster from the hawk and applies it to the wall or ceiling in two or three coats. Its flexible, slightly convex blade is riveted to the mounting with ten rivets. The smallest and most common size is 11" x 4-1/2". Plastering trowels with wood handles are available in two kinds of handle shapes, straight or curved. The wood handles of MARSHALLTOWN plastering trowels are made of basswood and fitted securely onto MARSHALLTOWN'S "Diamond Shank" design. MARSHALLTOWN'S new DuraSoft ® handle is now available on all plastering and drywall trowels. DuraSoft ® provides a more comfortable grip and reduces fatigue.
Hawks are used for holding plaster before application. They must be lightweight and are usually made of aluminum, magnesium or structural foam. Most popular sizes are 13" x 13" and 13-1/2" x 13-1/2", although smaller sizes are available.
Corner Trowels
Drywall corner trowels are used to apply mud to taped corners. They may also be used to apply mud to the metal beading. A very flexible one-piece blade constructed of stainless steel eliminates tape snagging and rusting. The blade angle of inside corner trowels is set at a 103 degree angle, thus forming perfect 90 degree corners when flexed during use. Outside corner trowels have an 80 degree angle that flexes to 90 degrees to form a clean, square corner on the outside.
Plasterers and other finishers frequently use a sponge rubber float for rough and/or textured finishes, so there is a good demand for this type of float. The black molded rubber float is used by both the concrete finisher and plasterer.
Drywall hand and pole sanders are used for sanding drywall joints. The pole sander is especially useful when working on ceilings and side walls from the floor. The swivel type head permits sanding at any angle, and the positive locking clamps hold the paper firmly in place. All MARSHALLTOWN sanders use pre-cut sheets or 1/2 sheet of regular sandpaper. The four foot hardwood pole sander handle has a hammer head tip for use in resetting nails.
Taping Knives
Also used in the taping of drywall joints. The tempered blue steel or stainless steel blades flex just right for feathering but will not take a set. MARSHALLTOWN blades are temper welded to the backing plate to improve holding power. Taping knives range in size from 6" to 14" with the most popular being 8" and 10". They can be used in covering over nail spots and other indentations in the board with drywall mud. Taping knives are available with wood, plastic, and DuraSoft ® handles. Many knives have an ergonomically designed handle to better fit the contour of the hand for greater user comfort.